Welcome to the helpdesk of the ICPS-Belgium community


This helpdesk provides you with support when using the WHO-taxonomy in the safety management system of your hospital. You will find an answer to your questions regarding the application of the WHO-taxonomy itself as well as regarding the encoding in the ICPS-Belgium XML format.


This helpdesk is divided into the following 3 sections:

  1. Ask New Question:
    In this section you can ask a question. It will be dealt with by one of the members of the working group taxonomy. Should the answer be difficult to provide, your question will be addressed during the bi-monthly meetings of the working group taxonomy.
  2. Questions and Answers:
    In this section you will find all questions and answers devided in 3 parts.
    • Questions and answers on how to encode patient safety incidents using the WHO-taxonomy.
      They are organized according ALL main categories of the taxonomy, and therefore not only according to the categories of the minimal dataset (type of incident, characteristics of the incident, consequences for the patient, consequences for the organization).
    • Questions and answers on understanding and using the XML file format and XML parser
    • Questions and answers on how to use this site
  3. The Download section provides you with the most recent versions of the manuals, common lists and other instruments that are developed. These tools can be used free of charge.


This helpdesk helps you in English.

Every user can ask questions in his/her own language (NL/FR/DE). However, all answers formulated by the taxonomy working group will be provided in English. We have decided to proceed this way in order to avoid misunderstandings, misinterpretations and/or semantic discussions.


How to log in?

All contact persons of the "coordination quality and patient security" contract have received an email from the FPS Public Health with a user name and a password. These enable you to log in to the website.



The International Classification for Patient Safety (ICPS) is a shared global language that is developed by the WHO to facilitate the learning from unsafe acts as well as to develop solutions for improving patient safety.

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